Thinking of buying a home? First, get pre-approved!

Get your ducks in a row, get pre-approved for financing on the home you want to buy now. Realtors nowadays will not take the time to show you homes unless they know what you are approved for and what type of financing options you have. No one can afford to waste time and you definitely don’t want the disappointment in learning that you cannot afford the house you just fell in love with.

The home buying process should be fun! We can help you be prepared. Call one of our loan originators today!

Happy Shopping!

What does it mean to be pre-approved?

A pre-approval is a document that confirms that you’ve been run through the underwriting process. This proves that your income, assets, and credit documents have been reviewed and approved. Beware of a loan originator who says you have been pre-approved without reviewing your income, asset and credit documents, etc. This is not an approval and can cause significant problems as your mortgage is processed.

Get pre-approved with Concord Mortgage Today!

Concord Mortgage is a mortgage lender/broker you can trust. Whether you’re looking to purchase a home, refinance your existing mortgage at a lower rate, tap into your home’s equity to make home improvements, take a vacation, or consolidate debt, we have the best options to fit your needs. We provide various services to assist you in the mortgage process such as managing, providing information, and consulting. Call us at 517-220-3669 or visit us at today.

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