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Take advantage of the historically low rates now and lower your payment today!

Refinancing pays off your current mortgage and changes the terms to benefit your lifestyle. Before these historic low rates go back up, take advantage of the numbers now to lower your payments today! The equity from your home can be used to consolidate debt, make home improvements, or take a dream vacation.


Lower Payments
Decreased interest rates mean lower monthly payments

Reduced Loan Term
Pay off your mortgage faster by decreasing the loan term

Consolidating Loans
Combine your obligations into one loan to lower your payments
  Concord Mortgage knows exactly how refinancing can be beneficial for your family. Our loan options are vast, with different terms to suit your needs. Financial success is within your reach with Concord on your team. Call today for immediate consultation and assistance through the entire refi process. 

Concord Mortgage is a mortgage lender/broker you can trust. Whether you’re looking to purchase a home, refinance your existing mortgage at a lower rate, tap into your home’s equity to make home improvements, or consolidate debt, we have the best options to fit your needs. We provide various services to assist you in the mortgage process such as managing, providing information, and consulting. Call us anytime at 517-304-3669 or visit us on our website at www.concordmortgageinc.com today.

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