Debt Consolidation Refinancing May Be for You!

With mortgage interest rates so low, it may be time to pay off all that credit card debt that you’ve accumulated over time by buying all the things that you’ve wanted or needed and lower your monthly payments for good.

Even with the best of intentions, it’s difficult to pay down that debt that just seems to keep going up.  Are you aware that you can refinance your home to pay off all your credit card debt with the equity you have in your home?  You can do the same with other loans, such as student loans, auto loans, personal loans, medical bills, collection accounts, and judgments.  Get out from under that debt and refinance while rates are low.

Consolidating your debt using a cash-out refinance allows you to make fixed payments over a set period, rather than paying a revolving balance every month that never seems to go down.  As a bonus, mortgage interest rates are usually much lower than credit card interest rates.

Did you know that having high balances on your revolving credit card debt will affect your credit score?  The higher the balances on your credit cards, the lower the score will go.

With a debt consolidation refinance you can substantially lower your monthly payments, improve your credit score lower your payments, and breathe easier.

With property values up now is the time to refinance.  Call or email us today and we will show you how to lower your monthly payments. 

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