Refinancing Your Home

Mortgage Refinancing Loans in Brighton, MI

Couple just refinancedIf one financial fact is certain, it is the inevitability of change.

As your income increases, your career develops and your family grows in size, don’t expect your financial needs to be any less dynamic. The loans and payment terms that worked for you at the beginning may change over time, making it wise to seek new options. Refinancing your mortgage is one of the most effective ways to tailor your finances to other changes in your life.

Concord Mortgage, Inc. offers many options to homeowners for refinancing. With our help, you can refinance your mortgage to lower the payment, shorten the term of your mortgage, obtain cash from your equity to consolidate your debt (home equity loans, credit cards, auto loans, recreational vehicles, etc.) all to improve your financial situation.

What does refinancing mean?

Refinancing is a transaction that pays off your current mortgage and changes the terms to benefit your lifestyle. You can take advantage of increased property values to eliminate private mortgage insurance to lower your payment. You can pull equity from your home to do home improvements, consolidate debt or take a dream vacation.

Mortgage Refinancing & Debt Consolidation | Concord Mortgage Inc. - icon-h3-box-heading   When and why should you refinance your home loan? 

There are many reasons it might make sense for you to refinance your mortgage. The most common ones include:

  • Lowering Your Payments - If interest rates go down, you can take advantage of lower rates to lower your monthly payment.
  • Speeding Up Payments - Instead of paying less on their mortgages, some homeowners see an improvement in their financial situation as an opportunity to become debt-free more quickly. Refinancing allows them to pay the loan off at a faster rate by reducing the loan term. 
  • Consolidating Obligations - Homeowners with multiple loans often have to scramble to stay on top of all their payments. Refinancing allows them to combine all these obligations into one loan and lowering their monthly payments.

The advantages of refinancing with Concord Mortgage, Inc. are numerous. 

As a licensed mortgage broker and lender with over 35 years of experience, Concord Mortgage, Inc. knows exactly how refinancing can create value for your family. We offer an array of different loan options at different terms, as well as comprehensive consultations to help you determine which one is best for you. With Concord on your side, financial success is never far away.

Mortgage Refinancing & Debt Consolidation | Concord Mortgage Inc. - icon-h3-box-heading  Is it your intent to lower your payment, consolidate your bills or do home improvements?

Concord Mortgage, Inc. offers a variety of loan programs to meet your needs. These include: 

  • Conventional - Financing for your primary home, vacation home and investment home.
  • Conventional Renovation Loan - Financing for major or minor home renovations.
  • FHA - Streamlined and credit-qualifying refinancing that is guaranteed by the government.
  • FHA Renovation Loan - FHA loans for major or minor home renovations.
  • Rural Development - Refinancing for housing in non-urban areas that if guaranteed by the government.
  • VA - Refinancing for veterans.
  • Jumbo - Provides refinancing for the mortgage amount that exceeds conforming mortgage limits.
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