Choosing a Rural Development Mortgage

person signing for a new home

If you’re not a Veteran, yet you want to purchase a home with a zero down payment loan, we may have an excellent option for you.

If you want to buy a home, but you don’t have enough money saved yet for a down payment, you still may be able to purchase now with a zero down payment loan. The Rural Development Mortgage was created for those with limited funds to help buy a home.

The Rural Development is a mortgage loan option that is available if you are interested in purchasing in less populated areas. All of our counties in Michigan have regions that are Rural Development eligible. However, less populated areas don’t mean it’s the middle of nowhere. It refers to a less dense population than urban or suburban areas. The Rural Development program has a property eligibility lookup site available to help determine if the house you’re interested in buying is eligible for this program. You can also email or call one of our loan Originators to look it up for you.

There are no mortgage limits or purchase price limits for this program, but there are income limits, so email or call us to see if you qualify. Call anytime. Weekdays, weekends, or evenings your inquiries are always welcome.

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